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Retirees Can Act Now to Derail Probate for Survivors / Heirs

The following tips are things retirees need to know about common methods used to avoid probate: *Pay On Death accounts are quick and easy...

Senior Citizens with Money in the Bank Should Read This Before It’s Too Late

If you have worked hard all your life and managed to put away a nest egg, you might end up losing most of your...

Asset Protection 101

If you have prospects up to age 99 who are looking for a crediting rate that is often higher than today’s CD rates, offers...

Why Qualified Funds Shouldn’t Fear Surrender Charges

As most advisors do, I look for the annuity that best fits the client’s need. Immediate or deferred income? Safe accumulation? Perhaps they are...

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits – Part 3: What’s Guaranteed?

Most Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits are fully guaranteed, others not so much; does your client understand what they have? Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits, or GLIB...

Social Security Claiming Strategies: Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Helping clients determine when and how to best claim benefits is valuable, but it’s only a part of a larger, more complex problem. As the...

Beware of Fees with Mutual Funds!

Mutual funds are purchased because they are considered to be “safer” than purchasing individual stocks. Although this holds true for market risk, it is...

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits – Part 2: Positioning

Part 1 was a technical primer on GLIB. In Part 2, we discuss explaining and positioning them to the client. Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits, or...

Why Annuities? Balance for Today’s Retiree.

Many Boomers don’t really understand how insurance products fit in retirement planning; here is a simple & effective conversation. Many prospects, especially “boomers,” who could...

Death to Caps

Caps stink. There, I said it. Clients don’t understand them and they don’t work all that well when it comes...

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