The #1 complaint most companies recruiting independent insurance advisors have when running online marketing campaigns is the inability to get the advisors on the phone after they request information by filling out a form. In fact, most companies speak to less than 10% of the advisors that fill out forms. It’s a decent way to build email lists, but I’m guessing your company’s goal is to contract insurance advisors and get them writing business through you. 

What if you could start talking to 75% of the insurance advisors that fill out your forms requesting more information? Informed Advisors was developed to do just that. Now your marketing department can spend more time on the phone with insurance advisors, contract them, and significantly increase your revenue by converting up to 75% of all leads from form fills to instant phone appointments. 

Informed Advisors is the only insurance advisor recruiting platform integrated with third party applications such as Linkedin, Calendly, GoToWebinar, Vimeo, and more. Clients can show all upcoming GoToWebinars, allow insurance advisors to set appointments with them, receive up-to-date information on insurance advisors, and create or upload content for insurance advisors to see with a few clicks of the mouse. 

We are so confident that our program is the best in the industry that we are willing to give you 50 free leads and appointments with interested insurance advisors. Simply click on the blue “Request More Information About This Offer” to get started. 


Disclaimer: This offer is intended for marketing departments at companies that recruit insurance advisors nationally. All free trials must be approved for compliance reasons. One trial per company.