Bizcard360X are consultants to help grow your business. An easy way to show value and build trust for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship is through a disruptive technology.

Handing out paper cards is an inefficient way to promote your business and a waste of money. Many firms are turning to a digital business card that has 5 ways of promoting and building your business.

The first is to build a database of warm leads of people that you have met. This allows you to create a drip campaign. We will show you how to send your business card to the new contact that you made as part of your normal conversation. The analytical report that you receive every month will show you each person that you forwarded your card to; this will create your database. For example, every month you forward your card 50 times. Then over the next 5 or 6 months you will have compiled a list of 250/300 people that you can start a drip campaign on to share ideas/products/solutions etc.

The second is the use of card as a prospecting tool. When you meet a new contact then forward your card to their email, you will tell them that if they know anyone who could utilize your services, to please forward your card to their email. When you get your monthly report, it will show that the person you met emailed your card to the prospect. You can now reach out to the new prospect to schedule a meeting.

The third is to drive traffic to areas of your website that you want your prospects to see. This is an amazing marketing tool that has customizable tabs to direct people to the various links on your website, email, phone number, any website URL or document. The report shows you how many people are clicking on your customizable tabs. If one of your services is not appealing to your prospects, you can change the link as often as you would like. This provides real time data on the relevancy of your services.

This tool also assists management to track the activity of your sales force. Your monthly report will show all of your reps and how often they are utilizing their card. This is a great coachable moment to work with under performing sales reps to educate them on how to utilize the card to drive sales.

Finally, this card can also be used to generate revenue. Depending upon your business, you can drive sales through your card. Imagine a life insurance agent that has a tab that links to their quote engine. A prospect can pull up the card, click on the tab to run a life insurance quote. Then you can have a follow up email sent to see if there were any questions and get the paperwork sent to start the process.

Bizcard360X is a business tool that: Creates drip campaigns; Is a dynamic prospecting tool; Allows you to market your business: Is a sales management Tool: Has the ability to transact business, all in one digital business card.